Rigid Pleated Panel Filters Type ARP 6-9

The Ace Filtration Rigid Pleated Panel Filters are designed for those applications where high efficiency filtration is required, but space is limited. The compact pleats are constructed from 100% polypropylene filter media, which has a Class F1 fire resistance rating. The graded fibre density ensures optimum particle capture. The media is taken through a pleating process which includes the addition of extruded polypropylene separators, giving a unique V configuration which results in low initial resistance and a longer life span

Filter Grade F6-F99

The final pleated filter Type ARP 6-9 is extremely durable with high compressive strength in the airflow direction. Type ARP Rigid Pleats are available in grades F6, F7, F8 and F9, with the separators, colour coded to indicate the efficiency

They are available in either 50mm or 100mm nominal thickness and are manufactured with a water resistant card frame as standard, but are also available with a galvanised steel frame if required

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Please Note: With all high efficiency bag filters, it is important that the bags are installed with the pockets running vertically from top to bottom. This allows the pockets to fully inflate and operate efficiently. Failure to install in this way will result in higher pressure loss, uneven filtering through the pocket length, increased energy usage and a much reduced filter life span. Therefore please ensure that you nominate height and width dimensions when ordering your bag filters

PDF   Data Sheet AF104 Download

Typical Technical Data  
Filter Type Nom. Size Grade Rated Airflow Initial Pd Final Pd
AB85 600x600x381* F7 0.66 m³/s 54 Pa 250 Pa
AB95 600x600x381* F8 0.66 m³/s 59 Pa 250 Pa
* 8 Pocket filter    

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