ACE Carbon Filters type ACD

Ace type ACD Carbon Filter or Discarb Filters as is commonly called is a completely disposable, self contained unit. These activated bonded carbon filters are designed to deodorize gas pollutants, or put more simply, to remove unpleasant or hazardous odours from the air

Commonly used on commercial kitchen extract systems, their absorption capacity reduces all types of cooking smells, including those produced by fast food outlets, restaurants, coffee bars, and bakeries as well as odours generated by food production factories

Discarb Filters

Discarb Filters can effectively remove and reduce most other common nuisance odours. Their use has expanded considerably in line with environmental awareness, improving indoor air quality for the occupants of buildings located in the vicinity of airports, car parks, sewerage works, factories and waste disposal sites

Establishments with particularly pungent odours, such as spicy Indian cooking or excessive onion or garlic smells will require additional or specialised Carbon in order to be effective. Please contact our Filter Sales team for advice

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Specialised Applications for Carbon Filtration include museum grade for museums, art galleries and historical archives. Chemical Smells and Gases may require specialist impregnated carbon. Please contract our Filters Sales for advice

Also see notes on Use and Selection of Carbon Filters

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