Activated Carbon Panel Filters

For many years Activated Carbon Panel Filters have been used to reduce airborne odours and contaminants. Its use has expanded considerably improving conditions in line with environmental awareness. Carbon is commonly used for control extract emissions in kitchens, factories and chemical processes, but is equally effective in improving the air quality for the occupants of buildings located in the vicinity of airports, car parks, sewerage works and rubbish tips

Carbon Panel Filters

There are many applications for Carbon Filters where the air volume is such that a single Carbon Panel will be effective

Carbon Panels are manufactured using grade 207°C Carbon granules which are chemically bonded to form a uniform panel. The Panels have a cloth covering which makes them clean to handle and the uniform Panel structure ensures an even air resistance across the face. One advantage of this construction when compared to “loose fill” Panels, is that there is no possibility of settlement of the Carbon which can create an air bypass

The Panel Filters are usually fitted with an aluminium frame for more information, contact Filter Sales. To place an order for Activated Panel Filters call 01474 325666

Also see notes on use and selection of Carbon Filters

Please note: Because the absorption capacity of activated carbon is dependant on a variety of operating conditions, we recommend that you discuss your requirements with our Sales Office who will be delighted to answer your questions and advise you on the use of carbon filters

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