Multi-Pocket Bag Filters M5 - M6 Panel Filters

Fine grade Multi-Pocket Bag Filters developed for those buildings where preservation of the decor and high technology equipment is important

With these Panel Filters most mould spores, pollens and general dust will be removed. Typical applications would be shopping malls, restaurants, gymnasia, food stores, schools and engineering workshops

Pocket Bag Filters type AB45 and AB65 (Grades M5 & M6 to BS EN779)

Available in grades M6-H10, the type AVF Pocket Bag Filters come in a standard size of 592 x 592 x 292 with either 20 or 25mm header frame, single or double for extra support. Non standard sizes Multi-Pocket Bag Filters are available on request

Please Note: With all high efficiency bag filters, it is important that the bags are installed with the pockets running vertically from top to bottom. This allows the pockets to fully inflate and operate efficiently. Failure to install in this way will result in higher pressure loss, uneven filtering through the pocket length, increased energy usage and a much reduced filter life span. Therefore please ensure that you nominate height and width dimensions of your Multi-Pocket Bag Filters when ordering your bag filters

PDF   Data Sheet AB45 - AB65 Download

Typical Technical Data  
Filter Type Nom. Size Grade Rated Airflow Initial Pd Final Pd
AB45 600x600x381* M5 0.66 m³/s 40 Pa 250 Pa
AB65 600x600x381* M6 0.66 m³/s 46 Pa 250 Pa
* 8 Pocket filter    

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