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Happy Birthday

We kept it quiet, but Ace Filtration celebrated it’s 30th birthday at the end of January, so here’s to another 30 years!. So how are you getting on with your new year resolutions? Peter & Darren nearly made it to three weeks on the dry January and Craig is still in training (slowly!) for a half marathon

Back to the serious part now and carrying on from last month we will be looking at how to measure filters correctly. “What is so hard about that?” you may well be thinking. Well, there are different things to take into consideration and to remember, so how can we help you to help us, by getting all the information that we need first time. If you read the previous blog then you would know that we always work height by width by depth, so if you could give us the dimensions in this order it would be helpful or at least state which is which. We can work in millimetres, centimetres or inches

New Year Resolutions… Happy New Year to All of You

So how many New Year resolutions have you already broken? What are yours this year; eat less, drink less, run a half marathon (Craig’s!) or something a bit different? Peter and Darren here are going to have a very dry month as they will not be drinking any alcohol in January! How long do you think they will last, the rest of the office reckon it will be about two weeks! The company one is to do a blog update every month, so we will see how that progresses throughout the year

We will start with something not too taxing for the first one then. We always work HEIGHT by WIDTH by DEPTH on all our manufacturing and on all our orders. This is important on most of the filters we make here, examples as shown below. Read more...


What type of grease filter should you be using in your canopy?

There is a lot of misinformation in the Catering / Restaurant trade regarding whether or not it is “legal” to use mesh type grease filters in a kitchen canopy. So let’s address this point first.

According to HVCA Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems DW172, if you have an existing canopy which was designed to use mesh grease filters then there is no obligation to change your filters to the baffle type, when your old mesh filters need replacing

Your extraction system was designed to use mesh filters, so switching to baffle filters without making any other alterations to the system could have a negative impact on the system’s performance. Read more...


European Standard

EN779:2012 is the new European Standard for air filters which came into effect late in 2012. This standard replaces the old 2002 standard for classification of coarse and fine air filters

The revised standard introduces a Minimum Efficiency (ME) requirement for fine filters (F7-F9) rather than the average efficiency which was previously used to classify filters

Filters previously classified as F5 & F6 will be re-classified as M5 & M6, acknowledging that these are not truly Fine (F) filters but are Medium (M) grade. Read more...


Hello World!

Welcome to the new Ace Filtration Blog. Every month we’ll be keeping you up to date with tips and advice, product development and with the latest industry information

Our first blog outlines information on the new BS EN779 : 2012 Filter Test Standard which came into effect late last year

Filters previously classified as F5 & F6 will be re-classified as M5 & M6, acknowledging that these are not truly Fine (F) filters but are Medium (M) grade

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