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  • Andreae Filters Type AF923

    These Andreae Filters – type AF923, are designed to capture any wet solids or liquid particles in the airstream. These include enamels, glues, oils, lacquers, stains, epoxies, tar, Teflon, etc

  • Baffle Grease Filters / VeeVent Filter

    Manufactured from stainless steel the VeeVent Baffle Filters will allow the trapped grease to drain directly from the filter and they are easy to replace and clean. The Baffle Grease Filters work by forcing the grease laden air through several changes of direction as it passes through the filters

  • Circular Access Doors / Spiral Duct

    Manufactured from galvanised pressed Steel, these Circular Duct Access Doors are available to suit diameters of spiral ducting from 100mm to 1000mm. FastFix doors / Spiral Duct Access Panels available from stock in 3 face sizes, supplied with an adhesive template which ensures correct marking of the Access Door For Ducting are cut out

  • Glass Fibre Disposable Panel Filters

    These cardboard framed filters classified as Disposable Panel Filters are designed for general ventilation requirements and represent economy in both initial and replacement costs and can be made with either a Glass Fibre (Type AG) or Synthetic Media (Type AS) core

  • Glass Fibre Paint Stop Media

    The Glass Fibre Paint Stop Media are spun into 50mm thick matting ensuring even distribution of paint particle through the entire Glass Fibre Roll Material depth. The Dry Roll Material is available in 'Two Sizes'

  • Grease Filters Cleaning Crystals

    When mixed with hot or cold water these Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals form an alkaline Solution, which is non-caustic and non-toxic. It is used extensively by catering establishments because of its ability to cut through grease without damaging the filter

  • Insulated Duct Access Doors

    Designed for use on rectangular ductwork, these Insulated Duct Access Doors with fish Tab style Access Doors are simple and easy to instal. Rectangular Tabbed Access Doors available from stock in 19 sizes to suit

  • Mesh Grease Filters Type AGMB

    These high quality Metal Grease Filters type AGMB are used on those kitchen extract systems where the canopy filters functionality and economics are paramount and where the grease load is relatively low. These kitchen Grease Filters consist of a rigid aluminium frame, with a knitted wire Mesh Filter pad

  • Paint Stop Filters 'Starter' AF803

    Able to hold more paint particles than others types of exhaust filter media, our Paint Stop Filters which thus enables the filter to maintain an unformed airflow around the spray area. They are easy to install and last longer than standard fibreglass filters

  • Pleated Disposable Panel Filters

    Our professional Pleated Disposable Panel Filters have a higher efficiency and capacity than a similar sized glass fibre or synthetic Panel Filters.The Pleated Filters core consists of a reinforced non-woven media bonded to an expanded metal support grid which is then pleated, increasing the filtration surface area to 3 times that of the face area

  • Rigid Bag Filters Type RB7-9 (Grade F7, F8 & F9)

    The popular Rigid Bag Filters RB7-9 are manufactured with a rigid Polypropylene frame and glass fibre pleated media and these Rigid Bag Filters have approximately 5 times the Filter surface area compared to that of a standard type Bag Filters of the same size



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