Filters for Open Spray Booths

Spray Booth Filters

Extraction with our Spray Booth Filters suitable for smaller painting applications such as Open Booths used for adhesive spraying, polishing, linishing and fume and smoke removal. Extraction Filters are used to capture any over spray or mist and are generally capable of removing 90-98% of over spray particles that are contained in the exhaust stream, thus reducing the emissions of potentially hazardous material into the air. These materials would otherwise settle onto neighboring property and water sources

Paint Spray Booth Filters

Suitable extraction Filters are either paper, corrugated/concertina Filters or dry glass fibre Filters Andreae EF813 Eco Paint Spray Booth Filters

Environmentally friendly, highly efficient filter paper designed to capture paint and lacquer overspray, which can be cut to fit any open back Spray Booth. This type of filter last 3-5 times longer than standard glass fibre media

Open Spray Booth Filters are self supporting and constructed from two ply, heavy duty cardboard with a bright white finish. The concertina design reduces storage space and transport costs

When expanded, each pack contains 9m of filter (approximate 240 pleats). Limiting Straps ensure correct pleat spacing for optimum filter efficiency. These Filters for Spray Booths are marked on every eight pleats for ease of cutting and fitting. Left over pieces can be stapled or taped together to form new filter lengths, reducing scrap

Recommended airflow rate = 0.5 – 1.0 m/s (100-200 fpm)

Initial pressure loss = 30 Pa

Final pressure loss = 250 Pa

Maximum temperature = 180C

Each Filter (1 box) measure 900mm x 9.2m (3' x 30')

Dry Glass Fibres spun into 50mm thick matting ensure even distribution of paint particle through the entire filter depth

Rolls are 1m wide x 20m or 1m x 40m

Recommended airflow rate = 2 m/s

Initial pressure loss = 32 Pa

Final pressure loss = 150 Pa

Maximum temperature > 180C