Unpleasant Smells and Kitchen Fumes?

Carbon is commonly used to control extract emissions from kitchens, factories or chemical processes, but is equally effective on supply air odours. Beneficial for building locations adjacent to sewage works, rubbish tips, airports or car parks thereby improving the quality of life and safety for occupants

Carbon Types
The absorption ability of activated carbon is due to the enormous surface area to volume ratio of the material. (Typically 1000 sq metres per gram)

Sometimes it helps to impregnate the carbon with catalysts or reactants specific to the contamination. These agents are spread over the entire area producing a huge reaction interface

Ace Filtration activated carbon filters are manufactured from graded carbon granules chemically bonded to form uniform biscuit panels. This provides even air resistance across the face of the panel preventing settlement and air bypass. Panels are cloth covered, making them clean to handle

Pre Filters
Carbon removes odours by physical absorption. Accumulation of dirt or grease on the carbon face will cause blinding of its open pore structure and reduce the performance

Kitchen Extract
In kitchen extract applications where grease is present, a grease filter must be fitted before the pre filter. All pre filters should be checked and replaced if necessary. Every effort should be made to prevent grease and smoke particles from reaching the carbon filter. The carbon filter should be fitted as far as possible from the extract inlet. This helps to cool the air and hence improve the performance

Process Extract
Refer to Absorption Ability data on separate shee

Side Access Casings
Casings to house ACD filters are available for single or multiple filter applications. Slides for pre filters are included as standard. Construction is of galvanised sheet steel, with angle supports and flanges each end

How to Order
Tell us the flow rate, the application and any size limitations

Ace Filtration can quickly select a suitable filter either from our standard range, or design a special to suit your needs. Special delivery times are no longer than standard filters

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