New Year Resolutions… and Happy New Year to All

So how many New Year resolutions have you already broken? What are yours this year; eat less, drink less, run a half marathon (Craig’s!) or something a bit different? Peter and Darren here are going to have a very dry month as they will not be drinking any alcohol in January! How long do you think they will last, the rest of the office reckon it will be about two weeks! The company one is to do a blog update every month, so we will see how that progresses throughout the year

We will start with something not too taxing for the first one then. We always work HEIGHT by WIDTH by DEPTH on all our manufacturing and on all our orders. This is important on most of the filters we make here, examples as shown below

Bag Filters – Should always be installed with the pockets running vertically. This ensures that the pockets can inflate fully, giving maximum airflow at minimum resistance

Pleated Panel Filters – Should be installed with the pleats running vertically. Whilst this does not affect the filter performance, it will give the filter more inherent strength and help prevent the filter collapsing in damp conditions

Baffle Filters – Must always be installed with the blades running vertically, allowing the grease can run down the blades into the collection tray

On our next one we will be going into more detail on how to measure your filters correctly

05 January 2014 Posted by admin

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