Data Sheets

Medium Efficiency Filters

High Capacity Bag Filters Type AB20
Data Sheet AF102 Download

Disposable Panel Filters Type AG and AS
Data Sheet AF100 Download

Pleated Disposable Panel Filters Type AP
Data Sheet AF101 Download

High Efficiency Filters

Rigid Pocket Bag Filters Type RB6-9
Data Sheet AF106 Download

Bag Filters Type AB45 and AB65
Data Sheet AF103 Download

Bag Filters AB85 and AB95
Data Sheet AF104 Download

Rigid Pleated Panel Filters Type ARP6-9
Data Sheet AF105 Download

High Temperature Variflow Filter Type AVF6-10
Data Sheet AF107 Download

Very High Efficiency Filters
Mini Hepa Filters

Data Sheet AF108 Download

Standard Hepa Filters
Data Sheet AF109 Download

Filters For Kitchen Extract

Veevent Baffle Grease Filter
Data Sheet AF111 Download

Mesh Type Grease Filter
Data Sheet AF112 AGM Download
Data Sheet AF112 AGM Download

Fastfix Duct Access Doors

Fastfix Circular Duct Access Doors
Data Sheet AF113 Download

Fastfix Insulated Duct Access Doors
Data Sheet AF114 Download

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