Notes on use and selection of carbon filters

1. As a guide a 25mm nominal thickness Carbon Panel should be selected to have a window velocity not exceeding 0.2 m/s if it is to achieve a contact (or dwell) time
of approximately 0.1 seconds. This equates to a 600x600x25mm nominal Carbon Panel being able to handle about 0.075 m³/s at 0.1 second contact time

2. Where hot air is being filtered, for example extract from a cooker hood, the Carbon
should be positioned as far from the heat source as possible. Air stream
temperatures in excess of 40ºC should be avoided. If higher temperatures are anticipated, it may be necessary to reduce the air temperature by means of a fresh air bleed, or provision of a cooling coil

3. Humidity should be kept below 80% RH to prevent condensation occurring within the Carbon. If this figure is exceeded and condensation takes place, a dramatic increase in resistance will occur

4. Pre-filters must be fitted in the system to prevent contamination of the Carbon Panel with particulates. This is in addition to the Grease Filters fitted on the cooking extract.
Pre-filtration would normally be provided by a G4 bag as a minimum – Ace Filtration
Type AB20. If space is limited, then use of a pre-filter panel type ASPC is recommended

5. Some applications may require a much higher grade of pre-filter. Some cooking operations produce large amounts of smoke, which is detrimental if allowed to reach the carbon filters. In this situation a HEPA or electrostatic filter will be required in addition to the pre-filters mentioned above

Canteens, normal kitchens & restaurantsAs rated volume
Kitchens producing large amounts of fried foods or concentrated cooking of burgersBase on 50% of rated volume
Indian or specialist restaurants (Curry, spices etc)Base on 33% (or in extreme cases25% of rated volume)
Excess of onions or garlicBase on 33% (or in extreme cases 25% of rated volume)
General air conditioningAs rated volume
Specialised applications (Chemicals etc) formulaeRefer to Ace Filtration. Obtain concentrations and chemical where possible
Airports (kerosene/petrol fumes)Base on 66% of rated volume
Museums, art galleriesRefer to Ace Filtration. Special carbon may be equired

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