Baffle Grease Filters

Baffle Grease Filters

Commercial kitchen ventilation with our Baffle Grease Filters which works very differently to the mesh grease filter. Rather than trapping the Grease within the Filter medium/flame barrier, these Baffle Grease Filters work by forcing the Grease laden air through several changes of direction as it passes through the Filters. Because the droplets are unable to change direction as quickly as the air in which they are carried, they become separated from the air and are deposited on the Filter blades and drained into drip trays

VeeVent Baffle Filter

Manufactured in standard sizes our stainless steel VeeVent Baffle Filters will allow the trapped grease to drain directly from the Filter and they are easy to replace and clean. Simply wash regularly with a mild detergent

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Custom Baffle Grease Filters

Alternatively, if you can not find a matching size we can construct a non standard or Custom Grease Baffle Filter to suit. Simply enter your quantity and required dimensions in the boxes below and the price will be calculated

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Grease Filter

NON STANDARD SIZES available on short lead times, please email your enquiry to or telephone 01474 579830

Replacement Baffle Filters

Replacement Filters in commercial and industrial kitchen extraction systems which are designed to use Baffle Grease Filters. we do not recommend changing from mesh grease filter to Baffle Filters, without consulting a kitchen ventilation system specialist, as it is likely that additional alterations to the kitchen exhaust system will need to be made

For more information on kitchen ventilation systems, kitchen extract systems and Grease Filtration refer to HVCA specification DW/172

Grease Filtration

Our Grease Filtration method removes any potential risk of spread of fire, should a fire occur on the cooking surface below without Grease build up in the steel extraction filter there is no increase in operating resistance allowing a constant airflow to be maintained, reducing energy consumption

Flame Barrier Filters

The VeeVent Baffle Filter is manufactured in stainless steel and, unlike other Baffle Canopy Filters on the market, has aerodynamically profiled Baffle blades. This ensures maximum air flow and Grease Removal, whilst creating minimum pressure loss, handles are fitted as standard to the short side, with drain holes in both top and bottom leading edge meaning that the steel canopy filters can be fitted either way up

PDF   Data Sheet AF111 Download

Please note that these steel canopy filters are not suitable for cleaning with caustic soda

We are pleased to offer our filter cleaning crystals which, when dissolved in water, will remove deposited grease without damaging the Grease Filter. Filter crystals are available in 10Kg tubs which will make approximately 425 Litres of cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is alkaline and appropriate care must be taken when handling. Full set of instructions issued with the crystals

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